A notebook that never finishes, a stone paper notebook

The stone paper notebook is nothing special from the appearance, and looks similar to an ordinary notebook. The seemingly plain paper actually hides mystery. This is a material called stone paper, which has a stronger texture, and has a certain degree of ductility when it is pulled up, and it will not tear directly.
What is stone paper? This is a new type of material between paper and plastic. It uses calcium carbonate as the main raw material, and is supplemented by high molecular polymers and various inorganic substances, and then uses the principle of high molecular interface chemistry and filling Modification technology, finally processed by special technology. In addition to its very tough texture, it also has water-repellent properties and will not deform easily when soaked in water.
Thanks to the characteristics of stone paper, coupled with a water-soluble pen, it can be repeatedly written and erased, and it feels like you will never finish writing. Write some text at random, wipe it lightly with a wet wipe or a damp cloth, and the word will be gone. As long as the writing is not done with great force, it will basically leave no trace.
If you want to clear the entire book together, and are too lazy to wipe it page by page, just put it in the microwave and you'll be done, but you have to put a glass of water underneath.

The hair dryer can also erase handwriting.