Introduction to the advantages of stone paper

Stone paper is a very environmentally friendly product, which can protect resources and save energy. The stone paper comes from mines and does not need to be cut down. It is a great protection for the forest. The production process of stone paper mainly uses calcium carbonate as the main raw material. The whole production process does not need to add a drop of water, which saves precious water resources. At the same time, the energy consumption is lower than that of traditional wood pulp papermaking, which helps to improve the problems of global warming caused by carbon dioxide.

Reduce pollution emissions. The production of stone paper does not require washing with water at all, nor does it require strong acids, alkalis and bleaching agents, so there is no waste water discharge problem and no water pollution. Recycling and degradation. After the stone paper is used, it can be recycled through plastic products. After collection, it can be crushed and squeezed to reproduce colored plastic bags, flower pots, and plastic buckets.

If it is treated as garbage and sent to an incinerator to burn, it will not produce poisonous gas. Because stone paper contains a large amount of stone powder and a small amount of non-toxic resin, when the resin burns, the stone powder will pulverize, promote the contact of the resin with air, and accelerate the complete combustion of the resin, so it will not produce black smoke due to lack of oxygen smoldering during combustion. After the non-toxic resin is burned, there is no toxic waste gas, and the emission of carbon dioxide is small.